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The InsectaZoid™ Story

Zoid Wars


Far out in the Galaxy, a terrible battle rages along the spiral arm, leaving death and desolation in its wake.

No one knows when the fighting began, but when dinosaurs first walked the Earth, the InsectaZoid™ Wars were already ancient.

The Hexaploids were a hardy race of social insects that emerged on an Earth-like world far out in a globular star cluster. Due to high levels of background radiation, the species mutated rapidly, exceeding Earth insects in both size and intelligence.

The Hexaploids quickly became the dominant species on their home planet. Dinosaurs and mammals never had a chance in the shadow of the fiercely competitive and increasingly intelligent Hexaploids.

As the Hexaploid civilizations advanced, they inevitably waged war with their neighbors.

As their technology accelerated, they moved out into space... where the fighting continued.

As the Hexaploids spread through the Galaxy, their scientists made tremendous strides in medicine and robotics. They began to 'improve' the race by adding cybernetic attachments to equip themselves for battle and exploration.

Eventually, hordes of cybernetic ProtoZoids™ were produced to fight the battles and find new planets to exploit.

Before long, the ProtoZoids™ began producing offspring of their own &endash; purely mechanized versions of the cyborg ProtoZoids™, with enhanced sensors and weaponry that made them nearly invincible.

As they progressed, each succeeding generation was stronger, faster, smarter, and more adaptable than the last. These were the first true "InsectaZoids™". Billions were produced and sent forth to conquer the Galaxy.

The InsectaZoids™ continued to develop, transforming their bodies to meet the needs of new environments. Over time, the location of the home planet was lost from the memories of the now widely scattered InsectaZoids™.

One day, a tremendous fleet of InsectaZoid™ battle cruisers appeared in orbit above the home world....but to the InsectaZoids™, it was just another world to be conquered. The InsectaZoid™ armies quickly overwhelmed the defenders.

When the Hexaploids realized their danger, they began a massive effort to warn the Galaxy of the impending peril. Millions of messenger probes were built and sent into space, programmed to deliver a warning of the approaching hordes of InsectaZoids™.

Some probes reached the Earth. Ancient Egyptians unearthed several of the message tablets, etched in titanium with strange hieroglyphics. They were unable to decipher the messages, but the Pharaohs were careful to preserve the mysterious "Archives" as they called them.

However, as millennia passed, even the great library at Ruht Ra Cam was lost beneath the shifting sands. When the library was excavated in the early 1930's, the 'Archives' were partially translated, which brought the preceding story to light.

The warnings of the approaching InsectaZoid™ invasion were misunderstood and ignored until recently, when the first InsectaZoids™ were discovered by Antarctic explorers. Survivors from the expedition captured several variants, including the ElectraZoid™ and AntiZoid™ models.


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