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--------News Update------------------------

March, 2003

Along with our marketing and manufacturing partner we are about to introduce our second line of products: The Mini Zoids. These are a simplified version of our premier product line providing 90% of the fun for less then half the cost!

August, 2002

Our original line of InsectaZoids was very well received, earning awards as finalist in the Prestigious Family Fun Toy of The Year competition in 2002. The AnitZoid™ and ElectraZoid™ are in production now; Contact Burns Novelty & Toy for wholesale orders. Retail outlets include.

February 24, 2000

Toy-Fair Update

Well, we're back from the Toy-Fair at New York City, and what a terrific week it was. The response to InsectaZoid™ was far better than anticipated. Some of you may have seen the InsectaZoids™ clenched around Barney on the News. After a brief 1-day rest, we are right now negotiating manufacturing and distribution deals, and we are quite pleased with the progress. If things go as anticipated, we can ship product in August. Over the next few weeks, we will formalize our agreements and can give a clearer picture on what to expect in the final model. Right now it looks as though it will very closely resemble the prototypes on display at the Javits center. We will release at least two versions of body style, and hope to have a customizing kit available as well.

We will be updating this site regularly, and should have provisional order forms up in one or two weeks. That order form will secure your position in the distribution channel, and will help us to roughly determine the scale at which we will release this new toy.

For those unfamiliar with Insectazoid™ , please click on the Insectazoid™ link, and you will get a brief description of its capabilities and a photo. One key feature is its size. It is a pretty large bug, measuring over a foot long. It has a lot of kick to it as well, and we will be using the same scale drive system in the final version. They can walk on a slippery kitchen floor, or on the living room carpet. The children have a great time with it, as do adults (We know we do!).

So, keep on visiting the site, and we'll have information posted as it becomes available. You'll definitely want to keep ahead of the market on this one.

The Inventors at ZoidCo™ would like to thank everyone that stooped by our Toy-Fair booth and made the show a great success for us.

Bill MacArthur

Mike Campbell