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ZoidCo™ is a design and prototyping team. We have developed a radio controlled battling robotic insect toy that we are very excited about. We call it InsectaZoid™ . ZoidCo™ and InsectaZoid™ made our public debut at Toy-Fair 2000 in New York city.

The ZoidCo™ team members have backgrounds working with a wide range of technologies and materials including but not limited to, electronics, software, wood, metal, plastic, composites, and DNA.

The founders of ZoidCo™ began working on walking robots soon after they themselves started walking! The idea of converting this hobby into a toy began over ten years ago. The effort to develop a marketable toy began in early 1998. Back then, the founders (Bill & Mike) put up their own capital, and worked regular evenings to develop prototypes. A year later, a pair of very robust InsectaZoid™ prototypes were making the party rounds. The battles were very popular.

Over the last year, we recruited some friends and refined the prototype, always keeping in mind the constraints of large-scale manufacturing. Consequently, the conversion from the latest version of prototype to factory floor is going very smoothly.

At ZoidCo™ we make toys that we like to play with! We are dedicated to making a durable, active, fun toy at a reasonable price. Expect the twisted imaginations that created the InsectaZoids™ to continue unleashing new designs and aftermarket products in the months and years to come!